Tips for choosing lingerie

17 09 2010

Choosing lingerie isn’t easy if you’re the least bit self conscious. After all, when you’re wearing a teddy or a babydoll, there’s not much left to the imagination. If you’re feeling wonderful, either because you’re madly in love or you’ve been dieting and have reached your target weight, you can probably put on different types of sexy lingerie without feeling too self conscious. However for some women, the thought of wearing some Lingerie sets may prompt you to get those lights off as soon as possible, so it’s important to feel comfortable with your own body and emphasise your positive features which will in turn make you feel appealing and desirable.

Women of today consider their lingerie as an important part of their wardrobe. Online shopping has made it very easy and opened up a new world for finding lingerie that is sexy, exotic and also comfortable to wear. Choosing the right lingerie for you may take a bit of practice. There are many different types of sexy lingerie to choose from and comfort is just as important as the way you look.

Popular types of lingerie are corsets, bustiers, babydolls, gowns, teddies and camisoles to name a few. The important thing to consider though is how much each type of lingerie will show off your particular figure. Some might draw attention to your breasts while others might show off your legs.

Here are some tips for choosing the right sexy lingerie for you:

  • First, think about how you feel – are you shy or proud of your body? Are you embarrassed showing too much skin or are you comfortable hitting the beach in a tiny bikini? It is good to be daring but if modesty can’t easily be forgotten you may find that a sexy lingerie set makes you feel more inhibited and not less. However, you may find that your lingerie is like a costume which makes you wilder than usual.
  • Focus on your best features. Babydolls and teddies are perfect if you want to show a lot more leg and bust.
  • If you have small breasts choose lingerie that shows off your bottom or legs to distract from your breast size. Put on a pair of sexy stockings and a garter as they do a good job of lowering the eye to the legs. Bring the eyes to the areas of your body that you feel comfortable with. If you have large breasts, styles in plus size lingerie with under wired bras or halter tops can help lift and enhance cleavage.
  • If you want to hide your stomach, chose a babydoll with an empire waist babydoll which will still show plenty of leg. Remember, you want the fabric to skim, drape or flow and not pull or wrinkle in the wrong places.
  • If you’re short, a gown with slits up the legs will give the illusion of being taller. Short baby dolls can also give you a leggy look. It’s important you choose styles which are proportioned for your height and if you’re tall make sure you don’t select something that is supposed to be long but looks too short. It’s better to opt for styles that are cut to be short and highlight your long, beautiful legs. However if you want to hide your legs, maybe choose a long nightgown with spaghetti straps and a deep neckline.
  • For those of us who are pear shaped try something a little loose fitting on the top, but not too loose. If you are a pear with small breasts and feel sensitive about this, choose a sexy baby doll and add some cleavage with something padded or a push up bra.
  • Robes have the amazing ability to make you feel you have covered all of your flaws. A sexy robe can complement a bra and panty set and make you look and feel gorgeous.

Whether you’re petite or big and beautiful, the lingerie you buy must make you feel wonderful about yourself – that means sexy, sensual, desirable and most importantly, special.


Shopwiki releases new provocative lingerie range

13 06 2010

Perfume Latino Chemise is made in lace floral motif. The neck has a ribbon tie in beautiful black satin ribbon, with bows and adorned with a little gem!