Lingerie Business

23 03 2011

Some people are born with innate passion for certain things. Scientists have an intense love for discovery and novelty. They love experimentation and observation; their curiosity stirs breakthroughs and inventions. Artists have deep love for performance, colors, and music. They love performing on stage, creating new music, and mixing colors on a palette. Likewise, there are some who love interacting and making transactions with other people. They are called businessmen.

If there is a gift that transcends financial impossibilities, it would be closing deals and contracts successfully on the market arena. Businessmen have a sweet tongue, making them effective conversationalists and dealers. They are able to survive the economic market where the concept of “survival of the fittest” reigns. They compete with equally good dealers, and they maintain a competent and competitive edge in the industry.

Good businessmen look for ways to mount their capital and reduce expenses. In the lingerie industry, retailers and distributors buy lingerie wholesale products from manufacturers. This enables them to manage their capital efficiently and effectively, as well as distribute their resources to other business aspects like workers and retail place. Through this, they are able to put up their business successfully despite scarce resources and capital.

European lingerie is one of the most in-demand lingerie products in undergarment shops and boutiques. European lingerie lines like Lise Charmel lingerie are made from finely embroidered satin, silk, and lace, giving brassieres and panties a sophisticated and elegant look. Retailers procure European lingerie products from manufacturers and distributors who sell them in wholesale basis. Through this, retailers are able to save a lot of money from stocking up items in their stores.

How does wholesale purchase help you save a lot in business? First, manufacturers give discounts and promos for wholesale purchase of products. They offer a variety of designs, styles, and types of Lingerie boutiques like Lise Charmel lingerie, giving you a wide array of lingerie items in your boutique. You obtain a variety of lingerie products in a low-priced package.

Second, you can get discounted shipping cost for wholesale lingerie purchase. Aside from discount promos, some distributors and manufacturers offer discounts for shipping and transportation. This helps you save from shipping expensive and high-quality European lingerie like Wicked Tickles lingerie. You can put up your lingerie retail business successfully in your area.


Chat Magazine – Wicked Tickles Lingerie Competiton

23 03 2011

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Tips for choosing lingerie

17 09 2010

Choosing lingerie isn’t easy if you’re the least bit self conscious. After all, when you’re wearing a teddy or a babydoll, there’s not much left to the imagination. If you’re feeling wonderful, either because you’re madly in love or you’ve been dieting and have reached your target weight, you can probably put on different types of sexy lingerie without feeling too self conscious. However for some women, the thought of wearing some Lingerie sets may prompt you to get those lights off as soon as possible, so it’s important to feel comfortable with your own body and emphasise your positive features which will in turn make you feel appealing and desirable.

Women of today consider their lingerie as an important part of their wardrobe. Online shopping has made it very easy and opened up a new world for finding lingerie that is sexy, exotic and also comfortable to wear. Choosing the right lingerie for you may take a bit of practice. There are many different types of sexy lingerie to choose from and comfort is just as important as the way you look.

Popular types of lingerie are corsets, bustiers, babydolls, gowns, teddies and camisoles to name a few. The important thing to consider though is how much each type of lingerie will show off your particular figure. Some might draw attention to your breasts while others might show off your legs.

Here are some tips for choosing the right sexy lingerie for you:

  • First, think about how you feel – are you shy or proud of your body? Are you embarrassed showing too much skin or are you comfortable hitting the beach in a tiny bikini? It is good to be daring but if modesty can’t easily be forgotten you may find that a sexy lingerie set makes you feel more inhibited and not less. However, you may find that your lingerie is like a costume which makes you wilder than usual.
  • Focus on your best features. Babydolls and teddies are perfect if you want to show a lot more leg and bust.
  • If you have small breasts choose lingerie that shows off your bottom or legs to distract from your breast size. Put on a pair of sexy stockings and a garter as they do a good job of lowering the eye to the legs. Bring the eyes to the areas of your body that you feel comfortable with. If you have large breasts, styles in plus size lingerie with under wired bras or halter tops can help lift and enhance cleavage.
  • If you want to hide your stomach, chose a babydoll with an empire waist babydoll which will still show plenty of leg. Remember, you want the fabric to skim, drape or flow and not pull or wrinkle in the wrong places.
  • If you’re short, a gown with slits up the legs will give the illusion of being taller. Short baby dolls can also give you a leggy look. It’s important you choose styles which are proportioned for your height and if you’re tall make sure you don’t select something that is supposed to be long but looks too short. It’s better to opt for styles that are cut to be short and highlight your long, beautiful legs. However if you want to hide your legs, maybe choose a long nightgown with spaghetti straps and a deep neckline.
  • For those of us who are pear shaped try something a little loose fitting on the top, but not too loose. If you are a pear with small breasts and feel sensitive about this, choose a sexy baby doll and add some cleavage with something padded or a push up bra.
  • Robes have the amazing ability to make you feel you have covered all of your flaws. A sexy robe can complement a bra and panty set and make you look and feel gorgeous.

Whether you’re petite or big and beautiful, the lingerie you buy must make you feel wonderful about yourself – that means sexy, sensual, desirable and most importantly, special.

Intimissimi Debuts New Shapewear Line

8 08 2010

Good news and bad news today for lovers of fine Italian lingerie.

Intimissimi, the high-end lingerie line in the Calzedonia empire, has just unveiled its Fall 2010 collection — and it’s gorgeous (more on that later).

But the really good news is that Intimissimi has used the occasion of the fall season to launch an elegant shapewear line which it is calling its “Shaping Collection”.

Although the line is limited to seven pieces, Intimissimi makes a credible entrance into the crowded shapewear market with a collection that favors style over gut-squishing technology.

Control panels are subtly concealed under a lace-like mesh fabric in most pieces. These aren’t heavy-duty compression garments, but they’ll provide some welcome support in key places for those important occasions!

The Intimissimi Shaping collection includes a wireless triangle bra and an underwire bra; a bodysuit; a high-waisted culotte with suspender clips; a chemise; high-waisted shorts; and — a surefire hit — high-waisted leggings that firm up the hips and thighs. All pieces are available in pink or black.

Check out the images from the new collection featuring young actress Alisson Le Borges as the new face for Intimissimi Shaping.

Now the bad news: good luck trying to find this collection, or anything from Intimissimi, in North America.

Earlier this year, the company ended its short-lived licensing arrangement with Victoria’s Secret, and in the process lost its presence in more than 200 U.S. stores. Intimissimi does not have an online shop, and it hasn’t announced what it will do to fill the gap left by the Victoria’s Secret divorce. As near as we can tell, the only North American point of sale for Intimissimi is its E-Bay store — and it’s pathetic.

All of this would be understandable from a startup company struggling to establish a distribution network. But the Calzedonia Group is one of Europe’s most established retail franchises, with over 2,500 stores around the world. The Intimissimi brand alone pulls in about 400 million Euros a year for the company, so you’d think they could find a partner in North America.

Amber Revamps Space, Adds Catalog

21 06 2010

After two years, Carrie Amber Intimates has completed the renovation of its now 60,000-square-foot facility in El Monte, Calif., a city in Los Angeles County. “Our old headquarters was becoming too small for our growing business,” Vinh Luong, director of sales and marketing for the company, said.

“When we bought this three acre property it was an old furniture manufacturing warehouse. We remodeled it to suit our brand needs and expansion. We envisioned a Carrie Amber community under one roof, complete with offices, a showroom, warehouse, photography studio, staff cafeteria and a farm with pet goats, ducks and rabbits.”

During the renovation, the company gutted the space, enlarging the office, lobby and showroom. “We created an airy and light-filled space by installing walls of glass for the entrance and front walls. The public areas such as the lobby and reception areas are multi-funcitonal spaces where we host buying groups, press events and fashion shows,” Luong said. “My favorite space is our showroom, which we modeled after a European boutique with glossy white floors and walls. We also did landscaping with lots of native Californian plants.”

Although the bulk of the renovation is complete, Carrie Amber plans to continue to update and add to the facility. Currently, the company is updating its trims library and sample room, and plans to add a recreation area with badminton and basketball courts, as well as an outdoor pavilion with picnic tables.

In other news, Carrie Amber has finished its photoshoot for the Seven ‘til Midnight holiday catalog featuring Heather Rae Young, the Playboy Playmate of the month in February 2010. Inspired by the heroines of “Hollywood’s Golden Age of cinema,” the images are divided into four themes, consisting of Femme Fatale, with Lamé and sequins seen; Nouveau Noir, featuring lace fabric and bow detailing; A La Mode-French, a “fashion forward collection” with tulle skirts and bows; and Bonjour Beaute, a collection of satin printed pajamas, camis and boxers.

Also included in the catalog is the company’s Baby Got Curves collection of plus size styles. Wholesale prices run from $2.50 to $16, and sizes from S through 3X/4X, or One-Size and One-Size-Queen. The catalog includes over 60 new styles.lingerie

How Victoria’s Secret Made Lingerie Mainstream

21 06 2010

When Leslie Wexner got into the underwear business nearly 30 years ago, there was a great divide. American women wore Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, or Jockey, pragmatic panties bought in packs of three at mass retailers. Department store lingerie was dowdy, referred to as “foundation garments,” and the fancier items were saved for special occasions, like one’s honeymoon. More modern unmentionables—lacy thongs and padded push-up bras—were available alongside feathered boas and provocative pirate costumes at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Then Wexner, the founder of The Limited, purchased Victoria’s Secret, a small San Francisco chain headed into bankruptcy, and lifted lingerie out of the red-light district, launched it onto the runway, and landed it right into the underwear drawers of mainstream America. With prime-time fashion shows, sexy TV ads, steamy catalogs, and a presence in nearly every shopping mall in America, the company “made intimate apparel front and center,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at the NPD Group, a market-research company in Port Washington, N.Y. Wexner “took the secret out of Victoria’s Secret.” (Cohen also credits Wexner with the “whale tail”—underwear peeking out of the pants—and other fashion phenomena: “He made it a trend; all of a sudden women wanted people to see what they were wearing [underneath], and innerwear became outerwear.”)

Over the past 28 years, by making sexy lingerie affordable, accessible, and acceptable, Columbus, Ohio-based Victoria’s Secret has created a middle ground in intimate apparel. The company woke up a sleepy category, one that took in $10.75 billion in 2009, double what it was when Wexner started. Retail experts say Victoria’s Secret has made department stores more aggressive and fashion-forward. Additionally, it has opened the doors wider for smaller brands like Hanky Panky and Josie Natori, and allowed bigger brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Chico’s, and Abercrombie & Fitch to carry their own lingerie lines. Even practical panties are sexier and more relevant. Jockey and Hanes now both sell thongs. “This is now a category with much greater diversity,” says Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail in New York. Other players “have been forced in a positive way to become more competitive.”

Wexner, 73, is an unlikely candidate to upend the American underwear industry. He’s quiet and reflective, and he dresses conservatively. (In the early days building his business, he says, he was frequently thought to be the company attorney.) He’s been on a quest to find the “purpose of life” since his mid-30s, which may have contributed to his emerging as one of his generation’s most generous philanthropists. (He gave $250 million to set up the Ohio Higher Education Trust in the early ’90s.) He sells sexy underthings to young women and has talked in the past about the “moral compass” that guides him.

Business flourishes at sex shops abiding by Islamic standards

20 06 2010

Customers logging on to El Asira, a website selling sexual enhancement products, will soon discover that it’s not your average online sex shop.

Suggestive images of naked women and men and advertisements for raunchy sex toys are absent. And just like mosques, the shop is gender segregated — women log in to the left and men to the right.

Welcome to the world’s first online halal sex shop specially designed for Muslim couples looking to spice up their marriage while adhering to Islamic principles.

All products sold by El Asira comply with Islamic sharia law. Shop owner Abdelaziz Aouragh, a 29-year-old Dutch entrepreneur and a practicing Muslim of Moroccan origin, says the store has become a huge success since its launch a couple of months ago.

In fact, when it first opened, the site crashed because overwhelming numbers of visitors flooded the site. Aouragh’s mobile phone was flooded with calls from media outlets curious about his pioneering business. A Russian TV crew flew in all the way from Moscow to interview him in Amsterdam.

“It has been a major success and it’s still rising. I think because it’s the first of its kind,” he told Babylon & Beyond. “The concept we have is totally unique.”

The young entrepreneur says he and his Swedish suppliers are squeamish about having El Asira portrayed as a sex shop. The massage oils, lubricants and various aphrodisiacs sold have all been carefully vetted by scholars of Islamic jurisprudence in Saudi Arabia, among other countries, he said.

More risque bedroom accessories are on the way. Aouragh says he is in the middle of negotiating a deal with a renowned designer for a line of lingerie specially designed for his brand.

Raunchy sex toys and pornography, banned under Islamic law, aren’t for sale.